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Tropico 5

Originální text
Let's not make this too hard, anything can count - cattle products, meat, etc. On my end I can bet one opera house or some red tape. Take it from me, you can never have enough red tape. <_objective> Make $<amount> profits from cattle products exports <_reward> Win a wager; get a reward from the US
What reward will it be, buddy? Red Tape or a brand new Opera House? I really like the male singing, it is a thing of mine.
The crown will annually charge Tropico $<text_param1> per every constructed building, and they will even count your palace. <_effect> The Crown will annually charge Real Estate Tax - $<text_param1> per building
If this tax was not the will of His Majesty, I would strongly suggest declaring war on Island Rojo, invading them and uniting them under your funny Tropican banner as the only possible gentleman's response! <_effect> The Crown will annually charge Real Estate Tax - $<text_param1> per building
The real estate tax is a clever way to put you off-track. I do not yet know who exactly is behind it, but this is an obstruction of the Plan which cannot be tolerated. Once I have found a possible solution I will notify you accordingly. Remember, the Order is your only friend. Our Plan is our only future!
I have secured the palms which you must grease. However, the Crown's accountants have Tropico finances under acute observation and you will need to provide the money off-the-books. <_objective> Provide money from your personal stash in Switzerland to grease some palms <_effect> Real Estate Tax will be suspended <_hint> The "Building Permit" Edict and rewards from the Crown can increase your Swiss Bank Account
As an informed ruler as yourself undoubtedly knows, there is rampant hunger problem in one of the provinces of the Crown. Send the population there <amount> tons of foods for free and this will earn you a favorable image with the Crown. I will then use my influence with the Queen and press to abolish the real estate tax once and for all! <_objective> Export <amount> tons of foods for free <_reward> Abolish the Real Estate Tax
The Order enforced a temporarily ceasefire but your enemies from Isla Rojo will attack again in full force the moment this ceasefire ends. I would do what I can to delay them while you prepare your defenses. My new apprentice, Adrianna Diaz, will assist you with this task. <_objective> Prepare for the invasion <_timelimit> Ceasefire will hold for <text_param> years. Isla Rojo will invade after it expires <_reward> Win the mission
I hope the defenses you prepared will prove adequate. Otherwise your failure may prove fatal for both our careers within the Order. <_objective> Defeat the invading force
The Order will take care of the details. only thing you have to do is supply our Italian partners with some raw materials. <_objective> Export <amount> Logs and Planks <_reward> Free <text_param>
A larger standing army with an emphasis on armored vehicles will certainly shake the resolve of the invaders. <_objective> Have <amount> Army Bases <_reward> Delay the invasion by <text_param> months
Frankly, I am not sure why you keep this buffoon around. You are not going to go forward with this ridiculous idea, are you? <_objective> Export <amount> Rum <_reward> Delay the invasion by <text_param> months
Those individuals offered to sabotage some of the enemy ships when the invasion commences. For a price, of course. <_objective> Pay $<_TaskPayment> <_reward> Weaken the invasion
My agents informed me that the Axis is developing its own super-weapon and desperately want him back. The Swiss, being resourceful and quick-witted people, will give him to the highest bidder. However, the price they want is so ridiculously high that it would be cheaper to buy the whole country instead. I had always taught you to think big - this is exactly what we will do! <_objective> Generate $$<amount> Swiss Bank Account to buy Switzerland <_reward> Win the mission
With the Swiss Bank Account you accumulated I will arrange the passage of Swiss leadership to of the Order. Switzerland is no more of any concern to you. Dr. Zweistein will travel to the United States where he will direct the creation of the atomic bomb - a super-weapon so powerful that it breaks the boundaries between matter and energy. You have done well for the Order and possibly for the entire human race!
Your effort to end all wars is commendable, yet I fear that our technology has exceeded our humanity. Even with my ongoing research, I am skeptical that we can divert humanity from its path of self-destruction. I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. Oh how I wish that somewhere there existed an island for those who are wise and of good will...
The US need to smuggle a genius scientist of Italian origin out of the Axis super-weapon program. I would have done it myself but a direct attack would threaten his life. The only way to save him is to convince the Axis to let him travel abroad. I will exploit their zest about national heroes by arranging a fake Nobel Prize for him. You only have to provide the funds and I will make sure he is rescued during the prize ceremony. <_objective> Pay $<amount_skip> to the Allies <_reward> $$<swiss_reward> Swiss Bank Account and <immigration_reward> college-educated immigrants
To get our hands on Switzerland faster, we have to reduce the cost of the most valuable Swiss assets. I am pretty sure that you didn't miss the fact that Tropican banks can slush Swiss Bank Account money, did you? With a couple of banks we can instill the pains of the over-inflation to the Swiss and thus buy them off faster. It may seem evil, but the goal justifies the means. <_objective> Have <amount> Banks <_reward> $$<reward> Swiss Bank Account
The Swiss really cherish their yodeling, a cultural tradition they share with some nations from the Axis. I pulled strings with the Allies and introduced them to this idea - if they pay us enough money, we can add some Tropican flavor to the yodeling, ruing it forever. This will send the Axis nationalists in terror and we will profit from their misery. <_objective> Have <amount> Opera Houses <_reward> $$<reward> Swiss Bank Account
For quite a long time the Axis propaganda tried to prove their Pocket Viking Knife to be the best utility knife in the world, but they are hopelessly dwarfed by the Swiss Army Knife. I made some arrangements with the Axis HQ and they are ready to pay us in Swiss Bank Account if we manage to export some "fine quality" Tropican steel to Switzerland to sabotage the production of Swiss Army Knives. <_objective> Export <amount> Steel <_reward> $$<reward> Swiss Bank Account


Tropico - obyvatelé jsou Tropičané Například : ...získat si srdce i přízeň tropikánských dělníků...
Znak +$$ znamená přírůstek na švýcarské konto
Edict = Výnos
Happiness = spokojenost
Všechny texty v <> se nepřekládají a musí zůstat nezměněné !

Oil - Ropa
Tavern - Hospoda, Rum Distillery - Palírna rumu, Grocery - Smíšené zboží, Mansions - Sídla, Defense HQ - Obranné velitelství, Lumber Mill - Pila, Guard Tower - Strážní věž
Royalist - Monarchisté
Industrialists - Průmyslníci

V rádiu kolem řádků 2800 mluví žena, pište tedy vše v ženském rodě, ať se to pak nemusí opravovat.
Okolo řádků 4600 se vyskytuje "Pet project" = Závazný projekt