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Tropico 5

Originální text
Keep a stiff upper lip stiff, old chum, I say we're quite snookered. I've just got a shirty message from the Grin Pears, a radical eco-activist group. They say we better stop enslaving dolphins, or there will be consequences!
I don't know why you are gathering that many dolphins, but I say we shouldn't give in to their barmy threats! I'd suggest you to gather your troops before those narks come rantipoling around Tropico. Tally-ho! <_objective> Have <amount> <text_param> working in your military buildings <_reward> $<reward> <_timelimit> <time_limit>
Comrade Presidente, I sense a great disturbance in the time-space continuum! The universe struggles to keep the events back to their predetermined state, the odds are aligning against our efforts!
My instruments indicate that a large force of ill-tempered humans is approaching the island. They are armed, dangerous and I fear they come here to take my dolphins! I expect that they will reach the shores of the island in about <time_limit> months, 1 day, 5 hours and 32 minutes, plus-minus 5 minutes. We have to be prepared! <_effect> Grin Pears ecologist attack incoming in T-minus <time_limit> months. Defend your <attack_objective>!
Comrade Presidente, we may have beaten the last attack of the Grin Pears, but they will soon come back for more. The predetermined course of events of the universe aligns the factors to urge them to strike again.
Unfortunately, we have to keep fighting those barbarians! I just want you to know that the brave men who defend the dolphins will be remembered as heroes for generations! <_effect> Imminent Grin Pears ecologist attack incoming in T-minus <time_limit>. Defend your <attack_objective>!
I want you to focus on a spot on the wall. Focus all of your awareness into it. Let nothing break your focus. Let everything else become blurry and distant. Breathe slowly.
As you close your eyes, you breathe slowly and feel even more relaxed. Now imagine that spot becomes your happy place. It is the place where you feel completely relaxed and nothing bothers or worries you. Imagine how it looks. Now describe it to me. <_objective> Build an Asylum <_reward> Feeling more relaxed you can focus better on the imaginary island. You receive 'The Compass' technology for free
Now, visualize a person standing outside your happy place. You realize that this person is one of your vices that tries to control your life. Now visualize a person for each of your vices that you want to get rid of. Relax, breathe and push them out of your consciousness. <_effect> You visualize your Vices in the form of special citizens. Discredit them to push them out of your mind. <_objective> Discredit <amount> <text_param> <_reward> Win the mission
When your mind is focused, you will find it easier to re-think your past and see the roots of your bad sides. Then they are easy to isolate and forget. <_objective> Answer the three questions correctly <_reward> Better self-awareness
The goal of this test is the same - answer the questions correctly. <_objective> Answer the three questions correctly <_reward> Better self-awareness
Excellent, you are doing great so far. I want you to cherish this re-assuring feeling and remember it.
This is a regular panic attack. Don't be alarmed. Trying to overcome your Vices will regularly lead to such happenings. Instead, try to breathe deep and calm down. Breathe in, count from one to six, pause, then breathe out, counting from one to six. That's it, that's right. You can remove the Panic Attack with minimum effort every time it tries to rise again.
A panic attack can be a very frightening and uncomfortable experience, but it is absolutely not dangerous. Panic attacks are a state of mind. When you learn to control your mind, you will experience the rewarding feeling of relaxation. <_effect> No more panic attacks! <_reward> $<panic_reward>
The Slow-Food chain sees the emergence of the Fast Food trend as a direct threat to their century-long history. But don't think about eventual problems, think about sure profits! <_objective> Generate <amount> profits from <text_param> <_reward> Win the mission!
This time they are playing the 'obesity' card. Well, what can we do about the fact that fast food is so tasty? We can't tell our customers to stop getting stuffed with it. We can, however, force-feed a Tropican football team with fast food and use them as a face for our gourmet kitchen. Those who get fat and slow should be shot, of course. <_effect> <penalty> <_objective> Have <amount> <text_param> built <_reward> <task_reward>


Tropico - obyvatelé jsou Tropičané Například : ...získat si srdce i přízeň tropikánských dělníků...
Znak +$$ znamená přírůstek na švýcarské konto
Edict = Výnos
Happiness = spokojenost
Všechny texty v <> se nepřekládají a musí zůstat nezměněné !

Oil - Ropa
Tavern - Hospoda, Rum Distillery - Palírna rumu, Grocery - Smíšené zboží, Mansions - Sídla, Defense HQ - Obranné velitelství, Lumber Mill - Pila, Guard Tower - Strážní věž
Royalist - Monarchisté
Industrialists - Průmyslníci

V rádiu kolem řádků 2800 mluví žena, pište tedy vše v ženském rodě, ať se to pak nemusí opravovat.
Okolo řádků 4600 se vyskytuje "Pet project" = Závazný projekt