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Tropico 5

Originální text
With enough money invested in the Swiss Lottery we can cover all the possible number combinations. Our success is guaranteed - and after we deplete the assets of the lottery, we will strike a killing blow to the Swiss economy! I, being the mastermind, will make sure the correct numbers are input - you just have to finish the leg work with providing enough money. <_objective> Invest $<text_param> in Swiss lottery tickets <_reward> Win the lottery jackpot in Swiss Bank Account
The fate played a trick on us - our rivals from Puerto Coco and Isla Rojo won the lottery! The combination was the most absurd thing one could imagine - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6!!! It was the only combination I didn't submit! The universe is mocking me! Argh! Still, we won a fraction of the jackpot. Thank you, fate, for not ruining my day! <_effect> $$5000
For better or worse, I don't look like a common Tropican. Nobody on your island would do the job, but a foreign tourist may be suitable. An elementary calculation shows that we need at most <amount> tourists to visit your shores. If something happens to me, stick to the original plan. The Order may still need that double. <_objective> Attract <amount> tourists
With no word from the Order, we are sticking to his original plan, looking for his double. This may work in our favor. I heard somewhere that one in every <amount> tourists is a perpetuator in a violent crime. If we are lucky, we may just find our murderer, or at least a scapegoat, if need be. <_objective> Attract <amount> tourists <_reward> Win the mission
Frankly, I have no idea if he is the real perpetrator or just a crazy glory seeker. Strangely enough, he looks very similar to your mentor and we know that they met in secret just a week before the murder. For what we know, he could've done it. In any case, his confession should clear your reputation with the Order.
It is my opinion that you did it, but some in the Order are still willing to give you the benefit of the doubt until the investigation is finished. While you are under suspicion, severe financial sanctions will be imposed on you. Not to say you would use the treasury of Tropico to bribe and manipulate our investigations, but we'd rather not take any chances. <_effect> <_SanctionPercent>% of the Treasury will be confiscated at the end of each year.
Actually, the Order does not mind. Give the Tropicans some beauty. After your crimes are proven, it will make the transition from your rule easier. Plus, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on people. <_objective> Build <amount> Gardens <_reward> <SanctionPercentChange>% less will be taken from the Treasury
I don't even want to know the details this time. Just finish this mockery of an investigation quickly. <_objective> Have an <text_param> <_reward> <SanctionPercentChange>% less will be taken from the Treasury
Let's build some good spotting locations in Tropico. Our men would use them to look out for the bad guy. Meanwhile, the Tropico Hunting Society may even join the hunt! <_objective> Build <amount> Cabins <_reward> Free entertainment building
Let us build a new fancy attraction and name it "Scene of the Crime"! Then we round up every suspicious person that visits it and we are good to go. That's bound to straighten your reputation with the Order! <_objective> Build a <text_param> <_reward> <SanctionPercentChange>% less will be taken from the Treasury
Both the US and the Soviet navies are converging to the Caribbean as we speak! The only hope to avoid invasion and total war is to go nuclear ourselves! The situation is extremely complicated and very well on the brink of World War III. The Cuban missile crisis was a child's play compared to the run-away nuclear battleship situation we have here. <_objective> Build Nuclear Program in <text_param> months <_effect> Failure to do so will start World War III
I am at my best when it comes to brewing inefficiency and boggling down state organizations like armies or top-notch governments! You know I speak the truth because you have experienced my vast talents so many times in the past. <_effect> Penultimo will present different ways to delay the impending invasion
Well, the world does not know of your heroic acts to keep the peace but they are an ungrateful bunch of simpletons, so who cares! The important people know. The US President and the USSR General Secretary send us telegrams of gratitude for your swift actions which forced the military brass to avoid invasion and its consequences! In other news, Dr. Zweistein said he found something wrong in the time-space continuum but we should not worry because he will fix it! Boy, what will the future bring?
I vanquished all of them in twelve consecutive boss battles! I know you're dying to hear all the details but it suffices to say that speaking softly and carrying a big stick is a lot more productive than simply speaking softly. The liberty of the American people is defended!
Have you noted much clamor takes place every time an oil-exporting country is about to be invaded? Global markets, policy-makers, other oil-production countries all raise voices and a big noisy argument always follows! <_objective> Export <amount> Oil <_effect> Delay the invasion by <text_param> months
They can lobby to delay the impending US invasion! I am told they have no power whatsoever in Washington, but DC is also full of compassionate politicians who care about humanity's greater good. Makes you wonder how oil makes people good, really! <_objective> Pay $$<amount> to invite Big Oil to Tropico <_effect> Delay the invasion by <text_param> months, drop of oil price, free oil buildings
Even if the US generals do not believe Tropico went nuclear, there will be fear of uranium fallout during an invasion! This will start discussions about the safety of military personnel, long-term effects of mutations in American society, etc., etc.! <_objective> Export <amount> uranium <_effect> Delay the invasion by <text_param> months
Big Atom wants to invest in our nuclear industry just for the sake of friendship! What is even better, they can delay the invasion! I never knew dealing with radiation made you such a positive-thinking human being and have started taking uranium pills myself! <_objective> Pay $$<amount> to invite Big Atom to Tropico <_effect> Delay the invasion by <text_param> months, drop uranium price, free technology
What do we need for a humanitarian crisis? Shacks! The more shacks, the worse! We can invite hundreds of homeless refugees and their shacks will be the best defense against any attack! This is pure Tropican wisdom! <_effect> <text_param> refugee immigrants will come to Tropico <_effect> Delay the invasion by 12 months
Now, you get my idea with the invasion and the sovereign debt? Do not give me that look, Presidente! Of course, you are my dearest friend! <_objective> Reach Junk Credit Rating <_effect> Delay the invasion by <text_param> months


Tropico - obyvatelé jsou Tropičané Například : ...získat si srdce i přízeň tropikánských dělníků...
Znak +$$ znamená přírůstek na švýcarské konto
Edict = Výnos
Happiness = spokojenost
Všechny texty v <> se nepřekládají a musí zůstat nezměněné !

Oil - Ropa
Tavern - Hospoda, Rum Distillery - Palírna rumu, Grocery - Smíšené zboží, Mansions - Sídla, Defense HQ - Obranné velitelství, Lumber Mill - Pila, Guard Tower - Strážní věž
Royalist - Monarchisté
Industrialists - Průmyslníci

V rádiu kolem řádků 2800 mluví žena, pište tedy vše v ženském rodě, ať se to pak nemusí opravovat.
Okolo řádků 4600 se vyskytuje "Pet project" = Závazný projekt