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Tropico 5

Originální text
Besides, he is the Commander-In-Chief of the US forces, right? His word should count whether they invade us or not! I have found his personal phone number. It's 1-800-PRESIDENT! Give him a call, if you reach him he might help you! <_effect> Call 1-800-PRESIDENT to talk to the US President
This invasion story is deeper than you think! There are some US generals which apparently want to start World War 3! I cannot cancel the invasion by myself, but by God, I will give you a head start! I'll make mandatory Spanish classes for every US soldier to participate in the invasion. This will slow down things a bit. <_effect> The US President will delay the invasion by <text_param1> months
The US Generals are breathing down my neck and press me to issue an invasion order every 7 minutes! I will institute filling out a mandatory customs declaration for every soldier enlisted for the invasion of Tropico, but that is about it. It will buy you some time and I pray to God it is enough! <_effect> The US President will delay the invasion by <text_param1> months
Humanity is headed towards destruction. Resources are consumed greedily, most basic human needs are ignored, and the largest energy crisis in history looms on the horizon. If we do not take precautions, it will leave the world shrouded in darkness. The Order is stockpiling energy resources and you are to supply the most precious one. <_objective> Export <amount> Uranium <_reward> Win the mission
Altered shipping manifests, bribed captains and custom officials, fake trade agreements, I don't know where to start, but it turns out that practically all the Uranium we've been mining was channeled to terrorist groups across the globe. We've been perpetuating Day Zero all along! For all we know the terrorists and the Order are one and the same! We have to stop all this, Presidente! <_objective> Destroy all Uranium Mines <_reward> Win the mission
For centuries our Order was steering humanity, trying to prevent it from destroying itself. But we have failed. The world is fading into corruption - we have devastated our civilization, our planet, ourselves. Our only option is a fresh start, the Day Zero. Yes, the world as we know it will end, but a better one will rise from the ashes and avoid the mistakes of the past! Will you join me, old friend?
The new threat to our plans - Eco-activists! They usually protest against the storage of uranium ore in open containers, and such petty issues. However, our plans for extensive mining have unsettled their limited minds and they decided to take drastic actions. <_effect> Eco-activists will organize strikes on the island.
Day Zero is their weird plan to end us all in a nuclear apocalypse, to reset on our civilization. I have no idea why the world buys this crap but it all lead to hysteria here, in Tropico, with our uranium exports and all. I say we build something eco-friendly, quickly, to put the crazy people at ease! <_effect> Ongoing strikes in the Uranium Mines <_objective> Have <amount> Waste Treatment Plants <_reward> No more strikes in the Uranium Mines
As I need some modern equipment anyway, would you be so kind to provide me with a new laboratory with adequate security measures? That may even lessen the rumbling among the academic circles. <_effect> Strikes start in research buildings <_objective> Build a new Science Lab <_reward> No more strikes in the research buildings
We should focus all research efforts towards the development of the time machine. The more research points you generate, the faster we will finish the flux capacitor and travel back through time. We have to finish the research in less than <text_param> years or we will be destroyed by Herr Kane. <_objective> Develop the time machine by generating research <_reward> Win the mission <_timelimit> <text_param> years
The flux capacitor demands a big amount of power to operate. If we had more power we would be able to experiment on a smaller scale, perhaps I'll send my dog Emmett a couple of minutes into the future. <_objective> Generate <amount> power <_reward> Increases Time Machine development progress
Someone used imperial measurements when he should have used metric. Unforgivable! Nevertheless nothing can be done now. At least we got some useful data out of the experiment. <_effect> Your dynasty member has been lost in time and space
The saboteur set fire to my latest experiment. This has set us back a bit. We have to catch the culprit before he strikes again. I would suggest establishing more security checkpoints. Time is of the essence. Well, at least temporarily. When I complete the time machine, it will no longer be of the essence. Or would it? <_effect> Development of the time machine has been set back. <_objective> Build <amount> new Guard Towers.
We have lost even more progress towards the development of the time machine. At least it looks like the saboteur has left the island. <_effect> Development of the time machine has been set back again.
We can get around the problem but if you can get rid of the uranium ore you'll speed up our development process quite a bit. <_objective> Produce <amount> Uranium <_reward> Increases Time Machine development progress
Anyway, your first task is to rescue the Crown Prince who has, sadly, been captured by pirates. The Dread Pirate Roberts demands a ransom in gold or he threatens to cut off his nose and use it as a coat hanger. You should start exporting Gold Ore as soon as possible. Take note that since the gold goes to the pirates, you will not earn the usual profits from the exports until the ransom has been paid. <_objective> Export <amount> Gold Ore <_effect> Gold Ore price lowered until the ransom is paid
Dreadful news, Governor! His Majesty was so angry, he threw the Queen's pet poodle at the messenger! Don't worry, the wee doggie is fine and the royal surgeon is almost certain to save messenger's life, as well.
The ship carrying the ransom never reached its destination! It was surely attacked by pirates, but the Dread Pirate Roberts denies that he has anything to do with it and demands an ever bigger ransom. This time he threatens to feed the prince to a grue! His Majesty commands you to find some new gold deposits and get to work, now! <_objective> Export <amount> Gold Ore
His Majesty would send the fleet after the pirates, only he fears that if something happens to the prince, he'll never hear the end of it. We have no choice but to dig more Gold Ore and hope this king's ransom will satisfy the Dread Pirate this time. <_objective> Export <amount> Gold Ore <_reward> Win the Mission


Tropico - obyvatelé jsou Tropičané Například : ...získat si srdce i přízeň tropikánských dělníků...
Znak +$$ znamená přírůstek na švýcarské konto
Edict = Výnos
Happiness = spokojenost
Všechny texty v <> se nepřekládají a musí zůstat nezměněné !

Oil - Ropa
Tavern - Hospoda, Rum Distillery - Palírna rumu, Grocery - Smíšené zboží, Mansions - Sídla, Defense HQ - Obranné velitelství, Lumber Mill - Pila, Guard Tower - Strážní věž
Royalist - Monarchisté
Industrialists - Průmyslníci

V rádiu kolem řádků 2800 mluví žena, pište tedy vše v ženském rodě, ať se to pak nemusí opravovat.
Okolo řádků 4600 se vyskytuje "Pet project" = Závazný projekt