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Tropico 5

Originální text
The whole ransom scenario is a clever plot of our Dread Pirate so we end up with all the gold we exported and the Crown's gratitude. We are all set for a wonderful start in this new timeline! Stopping the Order will be a cakewalk, I am sure of it.
As you know, Governor, the profits from the Gold Ore your island exports have been lowered to a pittance until the ransom for His Majesty's Royal heir has been paid in full.
I pulled some strings in court to arrange that you are compensated a bit more for your efforts. I am happy to tell you that the Gold Ore price will be raised if you construct a Lighthouse. <_objective> Build a Lighthouse <_reward> Gold Ore price increased
My smuggler contacts offer to help us come up with the ransom. As long as they get paid, that is. If you ask me, that snotty highborn Prince isn't worth all this effort, but it's your call.
I need a plan to stop Leon Kane, but first I should get my bearings and reacquaint myself with these times.
Right now they are so afraid of terrorist groups establishing a foothold in the region that they demand we strengthen our military. Needless to say, it's better we do it, rest they could decide to secure the place for us. <_objective> <amount> Military buildings <_reward> +10 USA relations
This being said, he isn't willing to leave it be and is looking to start a dummy war with someone to win the nation's support. Should we provide?
I'm rushing to get my laser tag gun and I'll be waiting outside the palace for the Americans. I hope they don't cheat and use real guns! <_objective> Survive the fake-invasion <_reward> +10 USA relations
However, I should have known those bloody Yankees had already made up their minds and were just giving diplomacy a shot before they go ahead and do it anyway. Well, let's buckle up and see this dummy war through. <_objective> Survive the fake-invasion <_reward> +10 USA relations
But since it can't be helped and this is what you wish, they'll do it. The invasion is on the way. <_objective> Survive the fake-invasion <_reward> +10 USA relations; your current president will die mysteriously
And Tropicans are getting too smart for their own good. It is our duty to make them stupid and docile. Being a brainless goat is a proud Tropican tradition. <_objective> Issue the "Immunization Campaign" edict
We have no statistically significant dumbing down. Lets go traditional and just use television to brainwash the citizens. <_objective> Have <amount> TV stations <_reward> +10 Nationalists relations
I guess they already hit the rock bottom. Before our citizens start digging down, I propose to promote Tropican smartness! <_objective> Have <amount> Colleges <_reward> +10 Nationalists relations
Without banks, everything will collapse to the darkness of the medieval ages. Banks are a cure-all and we can't possibly have enough of them. <_objective> Have <amount> Banks <_reward> +10 Globalist relations
I have the same saying but with banks. It is obvious that we need to throw even more banks at the problem. The bankers solemnly promised they will never allow such a crisis to occur ever again. If they fail to comply they will be severely berated publicly. <_objective> Have <amount> Banks <_reward> +10 Globalists relations
We have reached the EU call center for diplomatic relations. For financial aid we should press '1' To try to adopt the Euro as your currency press '2' To complain about the European press '3' To apply for an European grant press '4' To reach an operator press '9'
I can not sift through this alone. I will need a lot of Tropicans filling out forms simultaneously if we are to have a chance of finishing in the next 300 years. <_objective> Have <amount> Offices <_reward> +10 EU relations; +$<MoneyReward>
I finally managed to get a hold of a EU diplomat and ask him about adopting the Euro. He says it's fine as long as we give it a loving home.
There are some restrictions though - no partying after 9, no drinking until the legal age has been reached, that sort of stuff. Still the most important thing is the loving home, so we better get to it. <_objective> Have <amount> Welfare & Media buildings <_reward> +10 EU relations; Adopt the Euro and become its new father.
Presidente, I heard that it's so fashionable to in get involved with EU projects! That's why I shifted Tropico closer to Europe on the official maps, so that we can take part too!


Tropico - obyvatelé jsou Tropičané Například : ...získat si srdce i přízeň tropikánských dělníků...
Znak +$$ znamená přírůstek na švýcarské konto
Edict = Výnos
Happiness = spokojenost
Všechny texty v <> se nepřekládají a musí zůstat nezměněné !

Oil - Ropa
Tavern - Hospoda, Rum Distillery - Palírna rumu, Grocery - Smíšené zboží, Mansions - Sídla, Defense HQ - Obranné velitelství, Lumber Mill - Pila, Guard Tower - Strážní věž
Royalist - Monarchisté
Industrialists - Průmyslníci

V rádiu kolem řádků 2800 mluví žena, pište tedy vše v ženském rodě, ať se to pak nemusí opravovat.
Okolo řádků 4600 se vyskytuje "Pet project" = Závazný projekt